We take on every challenge

Petrotank South-Africa brings a lot of skills and knowledge together. We are a strong and international team with a focus on our customers in the downstream -and upstream to a lesser extent- petroleum market  and in the chemical industry.


About Petrotank South Africa

Standard solution or custom engineering?

Petrotank South-Africa team combines many skills and knowledge. We are an internationally oriented company with the focus on assisting our customers in the petroleum and chemical industry in the best possible way.

In addition to our standard products, we also offer custom-made solutions. We work closely with our customers for this until we have found the best arrangement.

Why choosePetrotank South-Africa?

Independent specialist

Petrotank South-Africa is unique in the market and therefore not an installer. This means that we are 100% neutral and therefore the ideal partner for your projects. We work directly with end customers, installation companies, or engineering offices.


Our facility allows us to store 100+ tanks at a time. Warehouses are large enough to store sufficient stock of all ancillary equipment most of the time.

South African & Sub Sahara

Our team has an extensive African profile and guided projects in many parts of the continent. Our team is professional and flexible to achieve smooth cooperation.

Our approach

Needs assessment

Together we analyse our customer’s needs and eventual problems. This is the starting point.

Problem solving

After the analysis and together with our customers, we look for the most appropriate solution for their specific requests.


Depending on the complexity of the problem, we will initiate a thorough engineering phase to ensure that all variables are taken into account.


The type of project completion strongly depends on the request. We will look upon it case-by-case. It can go from simply supplying the requested goods to offering turnkey all the underground equipment needed to build/refurbish a new petrol station.