Compact Stations

Petrotank South Africa prefabricated compact stations provide all piping in a steel visiting room for 1 or 2 pumps. Our standard configuration is a 60m³ tank with 5 compartments or 2 X 30m³ tanks (easier to transport on less accessible roads) that work in parallel. However, we are extremely flexible and can develop custom compact stations. The compact station also has a built-in manifold with 3 collectors, making it easy to make changes in the future.

Technical details

  • EN12285-1 double-walled tanks, standard 2x 30 m³ or 1x 60 m³
  • Speed ​​chassis and light canopy structure under and around tanks
  • Possibility to install 2 X 3 products pumps and integrated filling box



  • Prefabricated system with optimal use of piping
  • Greatly reduced installation work resulting in rapid station completion
  • Manifold provides flexibility for future fuel choices